ROTERFADEN – Website Redesign

Roterfaden create crafted personal planners, called Tachenbegleiters, that can be customised to fit customers various needs. MoreSleep was tasked to overhaul their e-commerce website and tweak their visual identity.

We updated the website to give more precedence to their beautiful products and create layouts that feel more editorial than a standard e-commerce platform. We enhanced the story as well, to give that instant connection between company and customer. In the store, users can experience the products with dedicated overview pages before selecting their desired variants. Our intention was to create a feeling of immersion in the products through the photography and descriptors.

The identity was giving a modern update with a tweak to their existing logo and a set of typographic options which aligned with the new editorial approach to the website. The art direction was updated to highlight the tactility of their products through light and shade. We worked closely with Patrick Debrosses to create a new set of photos that would be used throughout the website.


Web Design
Art Direction


Amandia Kuoch
Elias Tinchon
Emely Wensky
Frederik Frede
Isabelle Junge
Jonathan Stuart
Patrick Debrosses
Torsten Bergler
Thomas Pokorn

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